The Classe Mini 6.50 is the perfect playground for an Olympic offshore campaign.

They have the largest fleets and the strongest competition.

The legendary Mini Transat and Mini Fastnet are some of their highlights.


Sailors of all weights and sizes can sail a Mini 6.50 at the top level. 

·      Simple, seaworthy and affordable yachts for OSR 3 category.


The new Vector 6.50 one design Class Mini comes with a very good price performance ratio.
New and superfast scow design for maximum speed on all courses.
Well proven & winning construction and equipment for rough offshore conditions.

A Classe Mini yacht is 100% sailing and self-sufficient with solar energy.
Easy handling and transport on a trailer.

These Classe Mini yachts are sailing long distances with large fleets over the oceans!

That´s were the great offshore careers for the youngsters are starting.

Invented by french adventurers who had the vision for a simple and affordable seaworthy yacht.

Here you can explore two of rough offshore events.....

The Vector 6.50 is made for offshore racing category A/B and OSR 3.

Winner of the MiniSolo (1st and 2nd overall) and first in Classe Mini at the new Baltic500 race!

Prices in EUR ex VAT

(suggested Olympic version)


42.000.- basic yacht with mast and fittings

9.200.- set with 7 sails incl. boat numbers

3.700.- safety pack incl. liferaft + grab pack

9.100.- electric + electronics basic pack for double handed*


64.000.- complete ready to rock the waves!


The Mini Transat package (optional) with autopilot, antifouling paint and hull numbers cost 5.300.-

A customized Trailer cost 4.000.-


*We think for a 500-600 NM Olympic race course, we should limit the electronics as much as possible by using less hard- and software.

Also we think for a double handed race an autopilot and motor is not needed!

The decision lies with the World Sailing committees how much electronics on board should be.